Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Washington SIC: What We Do

what_we_doIn Washington, the SFI® program works with landowners, logging professionals, industry leaders and the public to support programs that improve the practice of sustainable forestry on all lands.

Highlights of SFI activities in Washington since 2001:

  • Best Management Practices – SFI promotes Washington Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Forestry that protect water quality working with the Washington Department of Natural Resurces and other state agencies.
  • Master Loggers– SFI helps fund the Washington Contract Loggers Association, an educational program that trains logging professionals. SFI also participates in training WLCA members on the importance of sustainable forestry and the SFI standard. View list of Master Timber Harvesters now.
  • Wildlife Habitat - SFI works with the Washington Department of Natural Resources and the Washington Forest Protection Association to highlight critical wildlife habitat needs and issues in the state. In fact, the Washington SIC has developed Species Fact Sheets to help private landowners protect sensitive species while managing their forests.
  • Landowner Outreach – SFI acknowledges the importance of family forest owners and provides many Washington landowners with information about sustainable forestry and the resources available to help them manage their forests sustainably. The SIC donates money to support the Washington Farm Forestry Association, the Family Forest Foundation, the Washington Tree Farm Program and participates in the Family Forest Field Day activities hosted by WSU Extention.
  • Environmental Education – SFI provides support for environmental educational efforts in Washington, when it furthers the goals of the program.  Since 2009 the Washington SIC has helped sponsor the winners of the state FFA forestry contest so these deserving high school students can attend the National FFA Forestry Contest.